DSC07989This is where the story of KesPres begins, a few people gathered together in a living room for worship, talking about planting a church in Keswick. At the very heart of it, we are a worshipping people. Here we are reminded that we are the people of God, transformed by Jesus and made alive in the Holy Spirit. Our worship is what unites us as a family. Worship is where we are formed into the Body of Christ, strengthened and sent out to serve our community and our world. Worship is where we come to find a comforting embrace after a crushing week. Worship is where we come to get our distorted world view corrected. Worship is where we come to let go of the troubles that have been weighing us down, only to find them picked up by our brothers and sisters who carry them with us. Worship is where we listen to God speaking to us through His word. Worship is where we gather around a table to remember and to celebrate Jesus gifts of forgiveness and joy. Worship is where we sing and our off-key offerings are transformed into beautiful harmonies. Worship is where our navel gazing ends and God moves to reorient us to behold His glory and experience His love for us. We were made for this.

There’s so much that is special about worship at KesPres. It is like coming home. You can see God in the way we greet one another during the welcome time, with smiles and a warm embrace. You can see Him as little ones toddle happily throughout the aisles. You can hear Him as we lift our voices to sing about the One who is Stonger. You can hear Him as we humbly and confidently offer the names of those who need our prayers. You can hear Him in the choir’s inspirational anthem, or as we all pray together with the children before their own time in Children’s Worship. We see Him as we stand to affirm Melanie, Vivian, Isabel and Danica in their new life in Christ through the waters of baptism. We see Him as the children gather around the manger; angels, shepherds, and wisemen, cows and lambs and donkeys. We see Him in the soft glow of Candlelight and remember that He is the light of the world. We see Him in the black ash cross which marks our foreheads. We see Him in the faces of the children as they laugh and dance and wave palm branches. We hear Him in the words “the Body of Christ, broken for you” as we stand at the table. We see Him through drama inviting us into the story. We see Him as believers gather together at first dawn on Resurrection Day to testify to the convincing proof that Jesus is alive. We hear Him as we drop our stones at the foot of the cross and there proclaim that we will not pick up our sins again. We can hear Him in the words of the sermon, words which come to life in our hearts. We see Him as we are freed from the tyranny of thinking only of ourselves and generously give back to Him what He has given to us. We can see Him as we welcome brothers and sisters into the family: Paul and Katharine, Marlene, Debra, Robert and Diane, and Andrew. We see Him as we set time apart in the middle of the week to pray and seek His face and to know His presence, to ask for forgiveness and to offer ourselves again to Him.