Worship Online

KesPres is now hosting our worship service online every Sunday morning. Some may ask, “Why?” Of course it is better to be together in person and we invite you to do just that, if you are able. But we also know that sometimes we are not able to come and worship in person and worshiping online is better than no worship at all. So we are offering worship on Facebook live for those who are not able to be present but we are also inviting those who are new to church and think coming to worship could be frightening. So we hope, wherever you are, and whoever you are, you will check out KesPres online and then maybe come in person if you lives in the area. And if you live elsewhere, we hope that maybe by joining us online would give you a desire to find a church you too could call home.

Join us at www.facebook.com/KeswickPresbyterianChurch every Sunday morning at around 10:30am to worship with us.  You are welcome at KesPres!

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