Week 22 Romans 14

Week 22: Romans 14

Please listen again to the sermon of June 18, re-read Romans 14 and on your own consider these questions, as together we dig deeper.


  1. What are the difference of opinions between the strong and the weak? (vs. 2-3,5,14,20-21)
  2. What do you think is a weak in faith Christian? (vs.3) Why does Paul refer to someone like this as weak?
  3. What are the most natural and likely attitudes of the strong to the weak and the weak to the strong? 9vs. 3, 15)
  4. What “charge” does Paul present to both the weak and the strong? Where are the strong doing wrong? Where are the weak doing wrong?
  5. What important Biblical/Theological truth does Paul say the weak? the strong? are missing?
  6. What positive advice does Paul give? What course of action does he prescribe?
  7. Choose one or two issues that divide Christians today. How would Paul’s principle apply here?



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