Week 21 Romans 13

Please listen again to the sermon of June 11, re-read Romans 13 and on your own consider these questions, as together we dig deeper.

  1. What is the role of government in our world? Why did God make “governments”?
  2. What reasons does Paul give in verse 1-7 of why we should submit to the authority of civil governments?
  3. How absolute is the state’s power of us?
  4. Where might you see indications in this passage or others (*remember scripture helps us interpret scripture) that might differ with the absolute power of the state?
  5. What is the “job description” of the state? What is its purpose? How does this purpose relate to God?
  6. What is the “job description of the “Christian citizen”? How “good” a citizen are you?
  7. Consider those who have participated in acts of “civil disobedience? How does this agree with or disagree with Romans 13?
  8. Does this passage change? confirm? contradict? what you thought you knew about what it means to be a good citizen?


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