Week 20 Romans 12:9-21

Please listen again to the sermon of June 4, re-read Romans 12:9-21 and on your own, or better still, join with one of our small groups during the week and consider these questions, as together we dig deeper.

  1. Paul begins with the word “genuine” in this passage. Why is being genuine so important, especially in the world we live in today?
  2. What do the three imperatives in verse 9 have in common? Why are they so important in setting up a life of love?
  3. How can we love people who are hard to love and still be sincere?
  4. Divide the 12 to 13 imperatives in verse (10-16) into 2-3 basic categories. Now define love in a Biblical sense.
  5. What are we supposed to do to those who are hostile against us? (vs. 17-21) What are our motives?
  6. Look at the following inventory and ask yourself, “Where am I strongest? Weakest? Area that I need to work on most right now?

Þ Love the unattractive people but with repentance and sincerity. (v.9)

Þ Love but don’t make the person an idol who leads you to allow him/her to sin or you to sin. (v.9)

Þ Love with dogged affection over the long haul, no matter what. Stay loyal. (v.10-12)

Þ Love by making people feel honored and valuable. Listen and show  utmost consideration to those around you. (v.10)

Þ Love by being generous in a practical way with your home, money, and time. (v.13)

Þ Love without bitter ness. Don’t pay back or hold resentment against others. (v.14)

Þ Love with empathy. Be willing to be emotionally involved with others. (v.15)

Þ Love with humility, Be willing to associate with people who are very different than you. (v.16)

Þ Love by not avoiding hostile people, but planning appropriate kind and courteous


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