Week 19 Romans 12:1-8

Please listen again to the sermon of May 28, re-read Romans 12:1-8 and on your own, or better still, join with one of our small groups during the week and consider these questions, as together we dig deeper.

  1. How would you define “worship”?
  2. After reading 12:1, how is your previous understanding of worship stretched?
  3. Verses 1&2 refer to both our minds and our bodies. How are both of these facets of who we are integral to our life of faith?
  4. Where do you feel the world is pushing hardest to squeeze you into its mould?
  5. Where do you notice the world’s influence most in your own life? Where are you least aware of it?
  6. What would you say are your God given gifts to be used to serve Him? How/where are you using your’s?


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