Unplug with Us

The Psalmist of Old invites us to “be still” or “unplug” and by being still or unplugging we often find God where we least expect.

Maybe you are familiar with church. Maybe you are new to church. Maybe you are looking for a fresh expression of what church and a faith community could look like. Or maybe you are away on a weekend and missed worship. Consider joining us as we “Unplug” together.

Unplug is a night out for the whole family. Let us worry about what to have for dinner while you unplug from it all and make real life connections, spend time with your kids, relax, laugh, and start your weekend off right. Join us on Friday, Nov 8th at 6pm for dinner and a night of Board Games for all ages.


For more information and to RSVP please contact Allyson at allyson@kespres.ca  .

See you at “Unplug”

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