The Story


Could God’s story possibly connect with my story? If it could, would it not be incredible! We want to help you experience that very truth. We want to take an ancient book full of stories, full of God’s stories, and help you see they are your stories too.

Maybe you have read the Bible before but it never really spoke to you. Maybe you have never read the Bible but it’s on your “bucket list”. Maybe you just want to connect your life with God’s life. If any of these things are true then we want to help.

The Story3

On Sunday September 22 we begin “The Story” together. The week of Sept 22 we will also be starting our “small groups” on Monday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night and an afternoon group (Day and time coming soon). Small groups will be an opportunity to discuss further what we learned on Sunday and then apply in our daily lives. If you are interested in being part, you begin by purchasing a book (We have them here for $15) and then signing up for one of our small groups or be part of one of our two “Book Clubs” that will take place this Fall and this Winter.

Together, adults and children alike, will journey through the story. You will hear about it on Sunday mornings and in mid week small groups. Children on Sunday morning and at our Youth Group will also learn about the story. In fact for 31 weeks we will all follow the story that leads us to the heart of God’s story.