The Rest of the Story


   I’m not sure if your remember the very popular radio (remember radio?) program, The Rest of the Story, by Paul Harvey. It always began with  a teaser, some little detail of a story that drew you in. And then, after a quick commercial break, Harvey returned, telling the story in a kind of meandering way, steady and slow, filling in more and more details as he went along. It wasn’t until the very end, when Harvey dropped the last piece into place to complete, the rest of the story, that the whole story came together. 


   The Christmas Story, (and I don’t mean the one about a man in a red suit coming down the chimney) is so familiar to most of us, so familiar, that it can be difficult to hear anything new. The story is no longer news. We know the story, the setting and the characters off by heart: the trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem, the stable, the manger, the shepherds, angels, wisemen and let’s not forget, sheep and cows, a donkey and a star. And, of course, Mary and Joseph and the baby, Jesus. But do we know The Rest of the Story?



  There are other characters that play less well known roles in The Christmas Story. Each of them contributes, in their own way, to completing the picture of God coming to be with us. They too, help fill in the details, and point us toward Jesus, not just a baby born in unusual circumstances in some random small town, but the Saviour of the world. 


  During the Advent Season we will be listening to and learning from: 

Þ Isaiah

Þ Elizabeth and Zechariah

Þ John

Þ Anna and Simeon


 And now you know,.. “The Rest of the Story”.