The Kingdom Has Come

The  Kingdom of Heaven is like…. In the Gospel of Matthew it’s a phrase that Jesus uses often to begin a story he is going to tell. I never really thought about it before but when Jesus says “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” he never says that it is like angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus over and over again, or like a mass army of soldiers all suited up for battle. Instead, the stories he tells are stories that look a bit like everyday life: a woman baking bread, a man planting seed in a field, man going on a trip, a place where children are welcomed. We often think of the Kingdom of Heaven that is both a future time and place. But Jesus repeatedly said that “The kingdom of heaven has come near.

So what if the time was now and the place was here? What if we believed that the Kingdom of Heaven was here, now? How would that news change you? What would that mean for our communities? The way we interacted with our friends and neighbours and the strangers that we meet?

We began the Gospel of Matthew during the Season of Advent and we will continue reading till Easter. Follow along, read ahead but better still join us to see that “The Kingdom of God” is nearer than we think.