Summer Camp

This Summer KesPres our Summer Camp is going on the road – well not actually on the road but in the backyard of families from Keswick Presbyterian Church so we are calling them Backyard Clubs.

For four weeks we are coming to different parts of Keswick to offer a FREE five-morning summer camp for kids JK to grade 5. These backyard clubs involve

Son Treasure Island  This summer we’re inviting kids on a journey to Son Treasure Island where they will find treasure beyond their wildest expectations! It will be a trip of a lifetime. All you need to do is choose the camp you want to attend and register your child(ren). Spots are limited. For more information or to register contact us:


Phone: 905.476.3485

Locations of Camps  (Check out which Camp is closest to you)

July 7-11  (9am-11:30pm)  161 Biscayne

July 21-25  (9am-11:30pm)  47 Glendower

August 4-8  (9am-11:30pm)  45 Bambi

August 18-22  (9am-11:30pm)  82 Verona


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