School Trip to India

This year, from March 16-29 2018, I have been chosen to go on a missions trip to Hyderabad, India as a part of my school’s short-term missions team. Over the past years of my life, God has been shaping me into who he wants me to be. I believe that God has been calling me to go on my school’s missions trip over the past year or so, and fulfill the Great Commission.

There are roughly 1.35 billion people in India and only 3% profess to be Christians! I have been given the opportunity to reach the people in India through our school’s connections with King’s College, a ministry of Global Outreach Mission, that aims to make disciples of and educate young men and women in poverty. Their goal is to develop Christian leaders that will direct the course of India’s future.

Activities include helping King’s College students with their everyday English, and partnering with King’s College to teach rural youth the Gospel. We will run an English Second Language camp for the students at King’s College, and will lead a two-day retreat for the rural youth in partnership with them.





On Sunday, January 28th, I will do a short presentation after the church service.  Please join me for more information.


Caleb Abdulnour


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