After a few months of living through a time few of us could have ever imagined: being concerned in a grocery store when someone is closer than two metres, having to wear a mask when we go out in public, living apart from extended family even though they may live in the same community, having no professional sports to watch, homeschooling our children, working from home because our places of work are closed, not being able to gather together for worship, and hearing the daily death toll rise at nearby nursing homes, many of us are now saying, even yelling, crying… “I can’t wait ’til things are back to normal.”
Today we are closer to “normal” than we were yesterday, especially as we see “some” of the restrictions being lifted, but things will never return to “normal” or at least the normal we knew prior to Covid 19. And now that we’ve had some time and distance, many of us are asking ourselves, “was that ever normal to begin with?” Could the next normal be something better? We may be “restarting” our economy or “reopening” our stores but for the church, and for the Christian, this is an opportunity for us to hit the reset button. Just like you reset your computer when it’s been infected with a virus, we invite you to come through this crisis differently than when you entered it. 
Our new series is called “Reset.” It is not about not going back, back to “normal,” but going forward to better than “normal:” going forward with new insight, with a clear and articulate plan to apply what we have learned during this life changing shift from a place that may surprise you. Although modern day pundits, life coaches or internet gurus may tell you how to transition, God alone gives us the wisdom foundation we need to live differently not simply in these between times, but for a lifetime. 
So come along with us on Sunday mornings as we listen to the wise words from Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes and ask God to reset our lives.