Puzzle Pieces

Each Lent we typically give our church family something tangible to carry with them, as a reminder. In the past we have given a rock to remember the weight of our sin and then on Easter Sunday we had people bring it forward and leave it at the foot of the cross that hangs at the front of our church to remind us that Jesus has carried that weight for us. Another Lent people carried around a nail to recall the pain of their sin. This Lent we have people carrying around a puzzle piece. It seems odd but not so odd once your hear why.

Puzzle Piece for Lent

Puzzle Piece for Lent

Often our lives are disjointed with nothing seeming to fit together. It’s like a puzzle with two many pieces to count. At times we may even try to force them to fit… but they never do. Many just give up. Others try to realize that “Someone holds all the pieces together.”

If you feel like your life is a mess, or even if you don’t come by Keswick Presbyterian Church and pick up a puzzle piece, just like so many of us have been doing since Lent began. Take it with you to remind yourself that God holds all the pieces of your life together. And then come back on Easter Sunday to return it. We’re not going to try to make a picture out of those pieces because more often than not life does not work out so perfectly. But this doesn’t mean that God is not in control or that He does not want to make something beautiful out of your life. All that is required of you is to give back to God all those little pieces and watch what God will do. Who know, it may even be a convincing proof that Jesus is alive.

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