Re-Writing the Story of our Community

“A man was making his way to the check-in counter at Pearson. It was a lengthy wait but eventually he was invited to the desk by the Air Canada™ agent. The man informed the woman behind the counter that he wanted to buy a ticket from Toronto to Halifax, with stop overs in Calgary, Ottawa and St. John’s.  He also wanted his luggage to go to the U.S. by way of Philadelphia. The stunned agent replied. ‘Sir, I can’t book you a ticket with those kinds of destinations.’ To which the man replied, ‘Why not? That is the trip I received the last time I flew with you.’” We’ve certainly bounced around the Book of Acts for a number of months now, haven’t we, with numerous “layovers” so you would “think” that because we’ve been telling you we are going to be next studying 1 Peter and because we’re reading the final few verses of the last chapter in Acts that we have reached our final destination. But we have not yet arrived and in some ways, we have only just begun, at least according to Luke…”