Re-orientating our Lives

“It was only a half an hour, max. But it was maybe the most uncomfortable 30 minutes of my life. My nephew Alex and I were attending a Switchfoot concert in Syracuse, New York – an area unfamiliar to both of us. The only “saving grace” was a reasonably new GPS had been purchased to get us there and home, or so was promised on the box. Well it got us there fine. But it was late when we got out, or early on how you see day and night, and began our journey home. But only 10 minutes into being homeward bound and in a rather “sketchy” neighbourhood we began doing some circling. I mean, we literally went around in a circle for about a half an hour. No one on the road, no stores, even convenience stores open to ask for help, and we began to hear the words no traveler wants to here coming from their SAT NAV: “Recalculating”. Well, that GPS kept recalculating and recalculating some more and we found we weren’t any closer to home…”