Raising Aliens

“In a forested area overlooking a sprawling suburban neighborhood, an alien spacecraft had landed. The creatures aboard have come to observe and collect specimens. One of them wanders some distance away, when strange lights and sounds cause him to hide. Scared, the creature takes off running, with the men in pursuit. The creature attempts to get back to his spaceship, but it leaves without him. Eventually, it makes its way down an embankment into the suburban housing development below. In one house, a young boy named Elliot is sent out to pick up a pizza being delivered for his brother Michael and his friends. Elliot is about to return inside when a strange noise in the backyard catches his ears. Elliot traces the noise to a garden shed in the backyard. Elliot throws a baseball into the shed, and is scared when something in the shed throws it back out. Elliot rushes inside to tell everyone, and they all come out to investigate, but find nothing in the shed, except for some strange prints, which Michael assumes must belong to some type of coyote from the nearby woods.” Later that evening, Elliot again hears some noise outside in the backyard, and goes out once more. And it’s there that he encounters E.T, that beloved long fingered alien many have grown to love. (Source: www.imdb.com) ET looks odd, sounds odd, thinks different and always seems to be getting into trouble. The only possible thing I can relate it to… is… well being a parent. And according to Peter it may be truer than you think.