“A friend dropped into the office just the other day just to visit. As we were wrapping up he asked me a great question that I wasn’t able to answer. I mean there are a lot of questions I can’t answer but this one took me by surprise because I felt I should be able to answer it, expected by you to answer it. I felt embarrassed to be honest. His question was, “Do we have a strategic plan for KesPres – you know, with all the growth that is happening and will continue to happen in the area?” I smiled and then gave a long awkward pause. The community is growing, growing quickly and how are we, part of a declining denomination, going to reach out to our community? Although not stated the implications were obvious and fair, “What are you going to do to grow this church.” I’m not sure what I mumbled to be honest but I have a feeling I gave the “typical” clergy response which was something about good programming and practical and uplifting worship and so on. And then we shook hands and he left. That question has been on my mind since then. But now I now have an answer, the answer I should have given….”