Preaching to the Choir


“There may not be a more frightening phrase in the church then, “I would like to teach you a brand new song” other than maybe, “We’re going to take up a second offering.” And I understand. Honest I do. There is a familiarity, a comfort even, in hearing and singing songs that are familiar, especially songs that your parents, grandparents and even further back have sung. So it’s unsettling to be asked to not just listen but sing along with a brand new song. Allyson invited us all last week to add a coronation hymn to our psummer playlist and just in case some of you haven’t done this yet… I’m inviting you once again to make sure such a genre gets added to whatever technology you are using to play your mp3’s. But although another coronation hymn, the opening call to sing a new song does not elicit a song with fresh lyrics or music, but a song with a “universal scope”. So I guess I’m not just asking that you add a coronation hymn to your psummer playlist but a psong that everyone can sing…”