Not the Man I Used to Be

“Allyson has jokingly told people who haven’t seen me in awhile, that “I’m half the man I used to be.” Everyone laughs. For some people such a phrase could be seen as a great insult because it could refer to some kind of “moral” failure in a person’s life that leaves them embarrassed and humbled but in my case it has more to do with the 90 pounds I recently lost. But it’s not the first time – I mean the weight lost in my life. My “moral failure” has been my “yo yoing” weight for most of my life that has had me losing 50 pounds or more at least 4 times in my life. But today’s sermon is not brought to you by “Weight Watchers™” but Peter who reminded me and all those who gathered that day that “none of us are the people we used to be,” “I am not the man I used to be” and I hope and pray that “you are not the man or woman you used to be either…”