“No Accident”

“What you may not know is that this cross (the one at the front of our church) was not supposed to be where it is now. It’s lovely and many people (both familiar and new) have remarked over the years about our simple 10 foot cross, made out of two old pieces of found wood. But the truth of the story is that this cross is an accident. I mean, I found those two old pieces on the church property in the ditch between us and our neighbor. They were two pieces from an old fence that once divided the two properties. When we were having our first Easter Sunrise service, even before the church was built, we took two pieces and made a cross. It seemed like a fitting reminder during the Easter Season. It remained standing for some time close to the road and only moved during construction so as not to be backed into by a truck or the bobcat. To be honest I was planning on throwing it away after the building was built but someone told me not to discard of it. So it went from the ditch to the front property to the storage room to the foyer and then to a prominent position at the front of the sanctuary – an accident. But the original cross was no accident at all, at least that’s what Luke would tell you…”