Mostly Alive

“It seems Jesus question in Matthew 16 was more for the disciples than it was for him. Jesus, I believe, wanted his disciples to hear the answers of who others believed him to be so that their own understanding could be shaped and developed. So consider the answers of others first or what could be considered maybe the first Gallup poll ever. “Some say you’re John the Baptist, others Elijah and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” (16:14) Not bad answers nor bad comparisons, if you think about it. All those mentioned are important Biblical prophets to both Jews and Christians. I especially like the last answer of “one of the prophets” which could be any “other” prophet, especially ones that were known but whose names couldn’t be recalled off the top of the head. But even more interesting is when you put all the names mentioned together in one group – even though different people, from different areas, proclaiming a different message to a different people they all share one similarity…”