“Notice (just like the previous time) the Word of God was again read – this time in chapter 9 and once more the people are overwhelmed by sin. Both go hand in hand: the reading of God’s Word and the awareness of sin. “That is we will never acknowledge sin to be sin or grieve over it unless we see it as an offence to God and the only way we will ever see or sense that it is an offence to God is by seeing (or hearing) our actions are contrary to God’s written law,” writes James Montgomery Boice. It is hard, difficult even, for people to acknowledge their sin I think you would agree? Sin, as you know, is not a popular, trendy or welcoming topic anywhere, even within the church. “Sin” has been replaced by “mistakes,” blunders rather than the offence they are to God. We have made categories of sin, (as in levels) with some sins worse than others – lesser or lower of course for those sins we personally don’t necessarily “struggle with” and greater and higher for those sins “everyone” else finds hard to overcome, but not us. Even modern-day-news-items, although now called “legal” does not mean they are necessarily moral, ethical or godly. But even more alarming, because it come too close to home, is not simply the individual sins we need to confess but something else as well…”