Everybody Loves a Parade

Allyson and I stood silent on Main Street, Main Street USA, that is, looking at the Castle we both had seen and admired from afar, hundreds of time before on the our t.v. screens every Sunday night, for as long as we could both remember. Tears were flowing uncontrollably as we couldn’t believe we were actually at Disney World: “The Wonderful World of Disney!” After we looked away from the Castle we begin frantically looking up and down the street. People were beginning to fill up the sidewalks. It was getting more and more crowded and we knew why because the time was approaching. So we rushed to a spot not too far away from where we were standing. We had found, what we believed to be, the perfect spot, and sat on the “so-clean-you-could-eat-off-it” sidewalk to wait. And then there was a larger crowd, thousands of people now lined the streets, nearly as far back as the eye could see. Thank goodness we had come so early or we would have been those people at the back trying to look over or look past that 6 foot 4 inch Dad with kid on shoulder and Mickey Mouse ears on top of the kid’s head. “Why would any of us come and wait for hours or lineup 50 deep to watch a 12 minute presentation,” I thought? But when the music started and the street was filled with strange looking animals we had our answer. Maybe it’s true what they say…”