A Tree, A Tattoo and A Piece of Paper

“We were lost but we didn’t know it, yet. Driving to the cottage in PEI, taking shortcuts across narrow rural roads, local roads which cut through farm properties – fields of potatoes on either side for as long as the eye could see. Though we had driven this route many, many times, rather than trusting what we knew, we decided to plunk the address into the GPS and see where that took us. It was dark and we found ourselves taking some turns that seemed unfamiliar. Still, we trusted the GPS and felt absolutely certain we would arrive at our intended destination. Until we came to the end of the dirt road we were now on, literally right in the middle of a corn field, stalks of corn closing in around us. We were lost but because we had put all of our trust into the GPS instead of trusting what we knew to be true, we didn’t even know it…”