$.25 at a Time

“It’s like running into your childhood friend with whom you were inseparable some twenty later at the mall and not recognizing him. Like seeing your tattooed, hippy brother dressed in a suit and tie and having to rub your eyes to see if it’s really him or a classmate who loses the weight of one adult and disbelieving its her until she speaks your name. I honestly wondered if I was reading the Book of Romans when I began reading for this week’s sermon or did I accidently open to John 12 or Hebrews 12. I mean, for eleven chapters or nineteen weeks we have seen and heard from one Paul and now an unrecognizable Paul speaks for the first time in Romans 12. For eleven chapters we have slogged through ground that is uneven and miry. We have tripped and fallen. We have stumbled and turned to see if it would be easier to turn around and go back to where we began. But like persistent sojourners we have persevered and it is at this point that all this information has led us to a place of transformation.”