New City Catechism–Week 7

  1. Building on the StoryWeek 7


Part 1: God, Creation and Fall, Law


Question: What does the law of God require?


Answer: That we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; and love our neighbour as ourselves. 


  It’s not too late to jump into Building on the Story! We encourage you to join and pick up a book at the church or download the free app. Each week, we will be looking deeper at one question and answer from the “New City Catechism.” We invite you to learn and memorize both the weekly question and answer and to review the questions and answers from the previous weeks. Here are some helpful hints to help with memorization:


– Read the question and answer out loud and repeat.

-Put your book in a place where you will see often or carry it with you for the day.

-Write out the question and answers on a card and tape to your bathroom mirror, for example.

-Review the question and answer first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

-Work with someone else also doing Q&A for fun.


Questions to Consider this Week


  1. What impact does the law of God have on your everyday life? Where are some places you encounter it and how does it impact you?
  2. How does my obedience to the law of God relate to obeying the laws of the land? 
  3. Can you envision a society without laws? What kinds of behaviour might we observe? 

 4  What would a people, a community look like if they lived in obedience to God’s law and loved their neighbours?

  1. How do I glorify God by choosing to be obedient to the rules he has given rather than choosing my own way? 
  2. Often, the word obedience and the related word submission have a negative connotation. Why? How are these two postures critical to our relationship to God and others? 
  3. Where in your life is obedience, submission to God’s law hard? 
  4. Which is more difficult for you; loving God with all of yourself, or loving your neighbour like you love yourself? 


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