New City Catechism–Week 3

Building on the StoryWeek 3


Part 1: God, Creation and Fall, Law


Question How many persons are there in God?

Answer: There are three persons in one God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


  We are now into our new series and we encourage you to join and pick up a book or download the free app. Each week we will be looking deeper at one question and answer from the “New City Catechism.” We invite you to learn and memorize both the weekly question and answer. Here are some helpful hints to help with memorization:


Þ Read the question and answer out loud and repeat.

Þ Put your book in a place where you will see often or carry it with you for the day.

Þ Write out the question and answers on a card and tape to your bathroom mirror, for example.

Þ Review the question and answer first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Þ Work with someone else also doing the question and test one another for fun.


Questions to Consider this Week


How difficult is it for you to understand the Trinity? Have you, like Kirk mentioned, attempted to “oversimplify” to make it understandable. Kirk says that the Trinity is primarily a ________________  Do you agree or disagree?


Read Genesis 1 and Mark 1 again. Do you see the Trinity within these passages? See if you can find other passages in Scripture that speak about the Trinity.


Have you ever considered the Trinity as a “dance” as CS Lewis describes it? Is this helpful or unhelpful in your understanding of the Trinity


The Trinity working together teaches us _______________, community and ___________________.


Are you willing to join in this “dance”? Why or why not?


Read 2 Corinthians 13:14


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