communion prepGod has blessed us with so many gifts and you have used your gifts in such a beautiful variety of ways to serve Him as you serve others. An amazing 63 of us are currently signed up to serve in some capacity through the ministries on our roster, which includes everything from being a welcoming face and an inviting outstretched hand to those who come through our doors for the first time on a Sunday morning, to providing ministry to our babies and their parents in the nursery, our growing children’s worship program, preparing the coffee and goodies we enjoy along with the conversation following worship on Sunday mornings, keeping God’s House clean, or working the sound booth. But there are lots of other ministries happening that aren’t captured on the roster. Many of you offer your time and gifts to serve on the various committees: session, finance, mission and outreach, fellowship, or youth. Others weed the flowerbeds or open and close the building during the week. Several brave souls provide fun and mentorship every other Friday night to our blossoming youth group. Many of you serve through the angel food program, providing over 25 meals in the past twelve months to families who need encouragement, support or just a reminder that in Christ, they’ve got a family they can count on. Together God has given us the privilege to care for those in times of need, to serve the Davidson and McKenzie families in the face of sorrow, to encourage over a cup of coffee or through a caring email or a hug of support, to sit in hospital waiting rooms, or to bring the concerns of friends and strangers to God in prayer.