Lesson 16 Romans 9:1-29

Please listen again to the sermon of May 6, re-read Romans 9:1-29 and on your own, or better still, join with one of our small groups during the week and consider these questions, as together we dig deeper.

  1. Why would Paul think about the unbelief of the majority of Israel after chapter 8?
  2. What are each of the benefits enjoyed by Israel? (vs. 4-5) And how does each prepare us and point us to Jesus.
  3. How does Paul account for Jewish unbelief and still defend the promised of God? (vs. 6) How does he illustrate and prove his answer from the Old Testament?
  4. Consider the story of Jacob and Esau. And then ask why does Paul say it was Jacob that became a child who inherited the promised of Abraham, but Esau did not?
  5. How does Paul in verse 14-16 refute the charge that God is unfair to some and reject others?
  6. How would you define predestination? How does it make you feel to think that God chose you? What are the challenges of predestination?
  7. What does it mean that God hardens? (vs. 17-23) How does Paul then in verses 19-22 refute the charge that God is unfair to chose some and reject others?
  8. Leaving behind many of the intellectual question that election raises what practical, beneficial effects can this doctrine have on the way you live?

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