Lesson 14 Romans 8:13-27

Please listen again to the sermon of April 23, re-read Romans 8:13-27 and on your own, or better still, join with one of our small groups during the week and consider these questions, as together we dig deeper.


When Paul speaks of “sonship” (vs. 14) or “adoption” (vs. 23) what is he speaking about? What are the positives and challenges of being “part of the family”?

How does the relationship with God change when we are part of the family? Do a word search on “Abba.” See what you can find out.

What do you believe is “the glory revealed in us”?

When you think of “future glory” do you only contemplate “Heaven” or is there something more?

Did you ever imagine that even creation is under the bondage of sin? How do we see this in the world?

How do you believe this world will one day be liberated as Paul speaks about in verse 21?

How is the world and humanity “groaning” to be made new?

When Paul speaks of the “redemption of our bodies” (vs. 23) what do you believe he means?

What is new when you hear the NT Wright phrase, “life after life after death?” Have you ever imagined that they could be more even “after heaven”?

If God will make all things new (meaning us and the world in which we live) how does that affect your present day choices? What changes are you will make, even today?

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