Lesson 12 Romans 7:7-25

Please listen again to the sermon of March 26th, re-read Romans 7:6-25 and on your own, or better still, join with one of our small groups during the week and consider these questions, as together we dig deeper.

  1. What is good about the law? (read Romans 7:7-13). List all the aspects you can find.
  1. What are the limitations of the law? Make a list of these as well.
  1. How can the law, which was supposed to lead to life, actually lead to death?
  1. In Romans 7:14-25 we hear about one person’s inner struggle. Have you experienced a similar struggle in your own life of faith?
  1. Are there ways in your life in which your “spirit is willing” but your flesh is weak? In other words, you know what you should do but doing it is a challenge. (healthy eating, getting regular exercise, finishing up overdue projects, choosing good habits, etc)
  1. In spite of the struggle, why is Paul still thankful (vs 24-25)?
  1. Which is greater: the struggle to live this Christian life or being open and honest about the struggle?
  1. How can Paul’s honesty and openness about the challenges (which are common to us all) encourage us?
  1. Have you ever experienced Jesus rescuing you from a situation that was bigger than you could handle on your own? How do you experience Him helping you now?

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