Interactive Christmas Story

Who doesn’t like to be asked to be part of something? No kid enjoys not being invited to play a game on the playground and no adults likes to be overlooked for an exciting new task at work. Even the most reticent sports fan wishes they could be out on the field, the rink or diamond with their favourite athlete.

On Sunday, December 17th at 10:30am you are invited to not simply watch and be a spectator but be a participant in the “Greatest Story ever told”. Maybe you have been overlooked in the past, but not this time. Maybe you have been part of a Christmas pageant as a kid or maybe you didn’t grow up in the church or weren’t invited to be a part.

Well, consider yourself invited. Even more, consider yourself a part of this story because this “story” is for you. This fun, interactive worship will bring the story alive for you and in you. No acting classes needed. All we need is you. See you there!