StudyIt’s one thing to come to church for one hour on Sunday mornings but quite another thing to try to live as a disciple of Jesus day in and day out. At KesPres we make the journey of discipleship, the journey of transformation, together, helping to encourage, strengthen and challenge one another. Growing together in the Christian life takes many forms at KesPres.

Maybe you are part of one of our small groups that runs throughout the year where we read the Scriptures together and talk about the joys and struggles of applying those truths to our everyday lives. Maybe you’ve been a part of a larger group interested in enriching your marriage, becoming good financial stewards or learning new approaches to the challenges of parenting. Our kids are learning and growing through the Gospel Project and Grapple on Sunday mornings. You can see them wiggling with enthusiasm as they gather at the front of the sanctuary. They just can’t wait to get there. Even our littlest ones in the nursery learn about Jesus, through song and story, even before they can say His name. We think camp is a great place for kids to grow in Christ and have established the Diane Davidson Memorial Campership so that even more kids have an opportunity to have a life changing camping experience. Our library has grown to over 500 books which nurture our spiritual lives when we have quiet moments to sit and reflect. Those who are seeking or are new to faith are invited to share their questions and learn about faith together. But much of our discipleship happens more informally, more organically: two friends out for a walk together, three or four gathered to pray before surgery, talking about life and where we saw God at work in that life this week over a cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s, touching base with a quick phone call. It might be as simple as an email that begins “Could I ask you a question?” And the conversation begins.