COVID19 Update

We think that it is important at this time to let you know how we are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. York Region Public Health has stated we remain a low risk area. We do not want to promote hysteria and create unwarranted anxiety, yet do not want to be careless either. 

If further action is needed, we will adjust this protocol.

The news and social media has led to much anxiety these days over the Covid 19 virus. To help ease anxiety as we gather at KesPres, a few notes and information:

  1. Because of the most recent information from the Chief Officer of Health churches have been asked not to meet in large groups. We will comply and will not meet until it is safe. In them meantime we will worship online every Sunday morning on Facebook and Youtune and not in person. 
  2. If you have “flu-like” symptoms or if you have recently travelled internationally, we encourage you to seek medical help and to make sure you quarantine yourself for 14 days. If you need assistance while at home please call or email for assistance. We are here to help. 
  3. Please PRAY for those who are ill, for health care professionals, government officials, nursing home and care facility staff, and families who are caring for loved ones, in quarantine, or feeling very anxious about loved ones who are far from home, travelling, or facing growing anxiety. It is not “silly” to reach out if you are feeling overly anxious so please know Kirk and Allyson are here for you.
  4. Wash your hands a lot. For at least as long as it takes to sing This Little Light of Mine (2 verses), or Amazing Grace, or say the Lord’s Prayer.

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