Building Closed – Church Open

We may never be reminded, more than we are at this moment, that the church is not the building but the people. So, even without the building being open at 23449 Woodbine the church (the people of God) is open – open to worship online, open to help where we can, open to take care of one another, our neighbours, and the stranger among us.

This Sunday you are invited to join us online for worship at 10:30am on either Facebook or Youtube. Here are two links:





Throughout the week (if you call KesPres home) you will be contacted by one of our wonderful volunteers or by Kirk or Allyson. We are simply trying to stay connected and make sure you need nothing (at the moment). Or maybe you have stumbled upon this post and need help. Please be aware of our “Tiny Pantry” at the end of the driveway but if you need other things, like someone to speak with please email or phone one of our ministers: Kirk or Allyson




Telephone: 905.476.3485


We are also looking at other ways we can stay connected throughout the week and ways  we can continue to grow in our faith, even in this hard time. So look for your bi-weekly email blast (or let us know if you would like to receive it) and invitations to other online opportunities to get together soon…

Be safe. Be well. Wash your hands.




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