Based on a True Story

The people of God had been captured and taken in captivity to Babylon, a foreign land with strange customs, a strange language and strange gods. Their city had been smashed to pieces. Over time, some exiles had been allowed to return to what was left and work had even begun to restore the temple but a change in Babylonian kings meant that any restoration work had come to a standstill and the city was in shambles. It remained in that sorry state for almost 100 years.  And the people grew accustomed to living that way.

The book of Nehemiah tells the story of a broken community trying to rebuild. The city walls were broken and lying in pieces. But under all that brokenness, under the wreckage there remained evidence of a foundation.

The book of Nehemiah is a true story. In it we find how the city of Jerusalem was rebuilt. When you are building, nothing is more important than your foundation.  Every other decision depends on what you use as a base; so too in life. We live in a world full of stories and fairy tales of success and fame and power and love and happily ever after. But there is only one story that is TRUE. Join us as we read through the book of Nehemiah from Sept 9- Nov 25th and discover how God will enable us to rebuild our community when it is based on a TRUE story.

Sept 9   Nehemiah 1:1-3 (Introduction)

Sept 16                  1:4-11

Sept 23                  2:1-20

Sept 30                  3:1-32

Oct 7                      4:1-23

Oct 14                    5:1-19

Oct 21                    6:1-7:3

Oct 28                    7:73-8:18

Nov 4                     9:1-37

Nov 11                   9:38-10:39

Nov 18                  12:1-47

Nov 25                  13:1-31