Advent Conspiracy

How did this Christmas ever get so complicated? How is it that the preparations for one day, (yes, it really is just ONE DAY) December 25th, begin in early August? How did gifts of love get lost behind lists of demands? How is it that the strains of “Silent Night” get drowned out by the t.v. commercials shouting the latest and greatest sale? How did a story of love, hope and redemption become a story of stress, stuff and guilt? How did this “She gave birth to a son, her firstborn. She wrapped him in a blanket and laid him in a manger” ever get replaced with a jolly but overweight man in a velour red suit drinking coca cola? Even the Church has become guilty of turning the simple and beautiful story of Christmas into an “over the top” production.

What if Christmas was Different this Year?

What if we talked about Jesus more than Santa?
(Worship Fully)
What if we traded in complicated for simple?
(Spend Less)
What if we gave the gift of ourselves?
(Give More)
What if we believed Christmas can still change the world?
(Love All)

“It is not enough to say, “No” to the way Christmas is celebrated by many; we need to say, “Yes” to a different way of celebrating. Lets conspire to change the way we celebrate Christmas.”

This year our “Give More” project is to support a group of local men and women who faithfully provide a meal to those who need this meal because it is the most nutritious meal they will have all week and others because it brings other people into their life and without it they would be alone and lonely.


This year we want to help the Sutton Youth Shelter, located on Dalton Rd. in Sutton. This is a ministry that serves up to 26 youth and young adults who otherwise may be living on the streets. For our “Give More” project this Christmas we will be  collecting items that we are often discouraged to give at Christmas but in this case many of these kids and young adults have nothing but the clothes on their back and need those things. More info and specifics will come but let the shopping cart on the platform remind you to spend less so that you give more. “Give More Sunday” will be Sunday, December 15.