A Season Called Lent

  Some of us grew up with the notion that Lent was a time to keep personal enjoyment in check and to face personal guilt. That emphasis was to ensure we appreciated what Jesus suffered and accomplished in Holy Week. But Lent can also reveal the great blessings of being God’s people.

Tracing the Historical Roots of Lent

   In the early church Lent was a time of training and preparation for baptismal candidates at Easter. By the fourth century, it developed into a 40-day period, following the Biblical pattern of 40 days or 40 years of preparation and anticipation. In its early form, elements of penitence were included. In our tradition Lent is a time to re-examine and re-affirm our identity as people baptised into Christ’s body the Church.

 Finding Meaning in the Tradition

   Our baptism is a symbolic dying and rising with Christ. In Lent we turn with Christ towards these events in His life. Along the way the Spirit gives opportunity for us to redirect and re-focus our lives more fully revealing our baptismal identity. We recall where we are going and what it cost God for us to become resurrection people. We become open to the need for new beginnings that are all around us. By the power of the resurrection we move through Lent to Easter.

   At KesPres Lent begins with our Pancake Supper on Shrove Tuesday (March 4 at 5pm) and then our Ash Wednesday Worship (March 5 at 7pm). Throughout Lent we ask that people pick up a Lenten devotional (find at the church) as well as pick up a Lenten box and calendar as this year we will be supporting Wayside Bethany Chapel in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Our connection with Wayside is Ruel, a migrant worker who lives in Keswick for half the year and has been joined our church community while living in Canada. Please help us support this important ministry as we partner with Ruel and his church family in Jamaica.


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