A God-incident


Allyson is a familiar face around KesPres as she has been with us since the very beginning but not always recognized for the vital part she played and continues to play in the life, worship and witness of our church family.

Ten years ago Allyson was “officially” brought on staff as Teaching/Admin Pastor (1/4 time) with her ministry responsibilites including preaching, discipleship and keeping Kirk organized. On Sunday, September 9 this particular ministry concluded. However, this was not a sad ending but a new beginning and another exciting chapter in the life of KesPres.

As we were re-writing the story of our community someone took notice and wanted to support this ministry by providing for its expansion in the community. A gift soon followed that gave KesPres the opportunity, for a period of one year, to bring Allyson on staff fill time and broaden her ministry focus to include outreach.

On Sunday, Sept 16th during worship we will officially recognize Allyson’s new ministry among us as well thank God for this unexpected and undeserved gift that we can only see as a “God-incident.” You are invited to come and celebrate with us this coming Sunday. Yes, God is good!

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