1000 Hours

Lenten Project 2018

“1000 Hours”

Typically our Lenten projects are about collecting money for a specific project. In the past we have raised money to re-build wells in Malawi, helping Sandgate Women’s Shelter and most recently Haiti. All were worthy projects that needed our financial aid. But this year will be different. And it’s not about supporting a “local” cause because we have partnered with ministries in our community before but this Lent we are going to ask something different of you, something more of you.

For the 40 Day of Lent we’re inviting our KesPres community to give 1000 hours to help rewrite the story of your city. If you have lived in this area for any length of time you know the story of Georgina. Yes, it has changed in some ways over the past few years but it is still seen by many as rough community with needy schools and little government support. No one apparently wants to help. But we do. We want you to help us re-write the story of our community.

During the Season of Lent we will make a huge impact on the lives of individuals and institutions here in Georgina or the community you live. Some of you are already doing what we are going to ask you to do and we applaud you. In fact we hope you will even hear from a few of these people. But others of us are going to be challenged to step outside our comfort zones and our “busy” schedules to take the time to do what is really important: be a disciple and make disciples.

In 40 days we are going to incarnate the gospel by being present in our community so that together we can raise 1000 hours (100 people giving 10 hours in 40 days) of volunteer service. We hope this is only the beginning. In fact we pray this endeavor will continue long after Easter Sunday.

Here’s how it will work:


  Would you be willing  to make a difference in your own neighbourhood or maybe you already are? Let us know the area where you are or would like to serve. (Click the image for more info)



Do you have a specific skill that you would like to share? Maybe it’s a skill and talent that we don’t know about and would be perfect for the project we would like to do.  (Click the image for more info)




    There are many local ministries already doing good work but they need our help. We would like to introduce you to some of these organizations where you could serve. (Click the image for more info)